Children Struggle with Many things

My practice focused on children ages 3-12; I do see some teenagers as well.  Below are some of the common things that affect children and information about when to seek help. I have an inclusive practice and see children with normative development as well as those with developmental disabilities, with a special emphasis on autism.  

Anxiety/ Worries

Everyone is anxious sometimes.  Some children, though, are anxious most of the time. Sometimes that anxiety translates into crying, inability to be alone, frequent nightmares, trouble with focus in school, struggles to make and keep friends and more. When anxiety feels out of control for your child or you as a parent is noticing struggles to get things done due to anxiety, it is time to seek help.  

Anger Outbursts

Some kids have trouble regulating their moods.  They sometimes have explosive tempers, crying spells or inability to function in social settings.  Sometimes they are labeled as "bad kids" for these issues.  This label is distressing to both the child and his or her parents.  If your child is struggling to regulate moods, the good news is that mood regulation is a skill- and it can be learned. Let us help your child learn to regulate his or her moods.  

Trauma/ Loss

Childhood is full of losses.  From teeth, to pets to family members, the unfortunate reality is that your child must learn how to handle loss.  Some losses are more traumatic than others, such as the sudden death of a family members or a contested divorce.  If your child is struggling to accept the reality of a loss or has had changes in moods or behaviors since a loss or trauma, you might need to seek help for your child.