Parent Coaching


PARENTING: The Hardest Job with the Least Training

You receive more hours of instruction before driving a car than you do before having a child. You likely have had more formal instruction in a sport you played as child, than you have had for raising a child.  Yet somehow, you are supposed to know how to raise a child.  

Parent coaching is the formal instruction on the skill of parenting that you got for driving or basketball. Parent coaching is behavioral: we teach you how to modify your child's behaviors kindly, firmly and without drama. I rely heavily on finding out what motivates your child when they are struggling to behave: is it about attention? About avoiding something? About needing help and not being able to ask for it?  Once we know the need, we can short-circuit the misbehavior by meeting the need before your child misbehaves and/or not meeting that need when your child misbehaves.  When this is done, the misbehavior stops and peace at home is restored.  

Sound good?  Parent coaching is amazing and effective, but it is really about you doing the work, not your child.  Yes, your child has to change- but you have to change first.  If you are ready for this, give me a call and we can take the first steps to changing your child's behavior for the better.