Child-Centered Art and Family Therapy in South King County


When your child is struggling, you and your child need support, compassion and tools for success.  Therapy is one way to get that support, without judgement.  Maybe your child has tantrums or crying often. Maybe he or she can't sleep at night.  Maybe your child is getting in trouble at school, being bullied or bullying others.  All those are signs that your child needs help.  It is our firm belief that, with children, early intervention is the best intervention.  Why wait until a pattern is thoroughly ingrained?   By addressing negative behaviors and thought patterns when your child is young, you can help your child avoid unhealthy thoughts through out the lifespan. We have tools, tips and techniques that will support your child's success.  Let us help you and your child find new ways to thrive.

Cedars Creative Therapy combines art therapy and evidenced-based practices to help children and families find new ways to communicate, think about problems and come to solutions.  Art makes the process more engaging for your child, while the evidenced-based practices that form the theoretical core of what we do help you have confidence.  



Art Therapy

Art therapy is a way that children can express themselves.  Art and play are natural languages for children, so art making in therapy can help children access and express emotions they might otherwise not be able to express. 

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Evidenced-Based Practices

Evidenced-based practices are therapeutic interventions and theories that have been proven in scientific studies to work for most people, most of the time. Cedars Creative therapy utilizes CBT, DBT, parent-coaching and emotion coaching.

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