About CBT



Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an evidenced based practice that helps kids and adults understand how their thoughts, feelings and behaviors are linked. CBT looks at the thoughts that underlie and reinforce emotions.  Maybe when your child makes a mistake at school, they thing "I'm stupid."  Then they feel ashamed or sad or angry.  They might then avoid doing schoolwork, cry at their desk, or lash out and hit someone.  But think what might be different if your child made a mistake in school and was able to think, "That is OK.  I'll do better next time."  They would feel hopeful or expectant, not ashamed.  Then they might be willing to try again.


CBT also looks at underlying beliefs about the world.  Many kids I work with have a deep, underlying belief that the world is not safe or that they are "bad." Often, this comes from just a few negative experiences; it is very common that kids have these beliefs.   More often than not, kids can't express this belief or put it in words. CBT brings those beliefs, whatever they are, to the surface and gives kids and parents ways to counteract those beliefs.